Monday, May 12, 2014

San Fran Awesomeness!

So after eight and a half years of marriage, we finally decided to take an adult only trip (longer than one night), kind of hard for us but much needed! My sweet parents came into town and watching the kiddos while we went to San Francisco for a long weekend. Some of our best friends the Broughtons live close to San Fran and met us for the first two days of our trip. Looking back at the seven years that we have known the Broughtons, I don't think we have ever been alone with them without all our kids (they have four kids as well), so this was definitely a treat. We could actually have complete conversations, it was amazing:) We had such a blast with them, visiting Union Square, Fisherman's Wharf, Pier 39, Nob Hill, Koit Tower, Lombard Street, Boudin Bakery, Ghiradelli, taking a ride on the cable cars, and eating awesome food. Thank you Broughtons for the wonderful memories, we enjoyed every second of it!!!

The second half of our trip Matt & I spent most of our time at Golden Gate Park, and of course without Erica Broughton to remind me, I didn't take any pictures, but take my word for it, it was beautiful. We had such a relaxing day. The weather was gorgeous and Matt spoiled me by taking me to the Botanical Gardens and the Flower Conservatory. I know he wasn't as interested in them as me but you would have never known it. We did a little more touristy site seeing and ate some more wonderful food, and then it was time to return home to our little family, who were as happy to see us as we were to see them:) 

What a treat a trip like that was! I always tell Matt how spoiled I feel in our marriage, not that it's picture perfect all the time, but for the most part, we always just mesh. We communicate well and we love each other more than anything. This trip was a good reminder of where we started. That our little life and our family started with us. Thanks again Mom & Rush for allowing us to have this opportunity. We felt truly spoiled! And thank you Matt for taking me on such an amazing trip. You are my partner in crime, there is no one else I'd rather see the world with.

A Spring Break to Remember!

I was so looking forward to Spring Break this year and it did not disappoint! The any bummer was that it went by way too quickly. It was just a taste of what a fun, carefree summer we are going to have, no schedule, no homework...PERFECT!!!

We tried to do something fun each day of the break, our little Staycation. On the first day we went to the library and checked out way too many books, lesson learned because then mom has to keep track of them:) The second day we went with two of our neighbors and their kids to a trampoline place with foam pits. It was sooooo much fun. Not too big, not to small, perfect for all ages. They had a blast! 

Day three we had a cousin day and I am regretting now that I didn't take any pictures, but we had a such a nice time with our aunts and cousins. We played on the new playset and enjoyed the sunshine. We're hoping for many more cousin days when life slows down this summer:)

On day four Matt was finally off for the week and we took the kids up to Hogle Zoo. Do you ever have a day that feels purely magical?!? The weather is beautiful, everyone is happy to be together, things just click!!! This was one of those days. We had fun just taking our time, enjoying the day and each other, nothing on the schedule besides having fun. It was lovely! 

Day five we did some yard work as a family and had a pizza/movie night. Simply awesome!

And last day of Spring Break, we went with our sweet neighbors, The Bells, and their two girls to the Riverwoods for dinner and a little play time at Provo Beach Resort. What a fun end to our wonderful Staycation! I could repeat it over and over if I was allowed:) Only three more weeks till summer break...CAN'T WAIT!!!

Our Baby Turned One!

Leah Ruth turned one back on February 15th! We did celebrate the occasion even though I have yet to celebrate it on my blog...too much fun to be had, too many books to read, you know how it goes:) 

We really did enjoy celebrating our lovely little lady. We had a pretty subdued family party and her sweet YaYa came into town for the occasion. Poor thing fell at the beginning of her party and then had to suffer through with a fat lip, but once she got her cake, it didn't seem to matter. She sucked the icing off her cake like it was a lollipop, thoroughly enjoying every bit of it and enjoyed opening a few new toys. 

Leah has been kind of a late bloomer, not really walking until about a week ago, but now she is primarily using her feet to get her places. She has ten teeth, six in the front and four molars. She loves her "susu" (aka milk), her lovey blanket, her siblings, music (esp Frozen), most any food, dirt, the drawer with the plastic cups and bowls, and the list goes on. She is saying "hi" and "let it go"(of course:)) but nothing much else consistently. She is generally the most happy go lucky baby...she wakes up happy, goes to bed happy, and is pretty content in between. We constantly ask ourselves...How did we get so lucky?!?

Thank you Leah for coming to our family and blessing our lives. You have made our family more complete. Our only request is that you stop growing so fast!!! It's really making me sad! To many more wonderful years with our sweet baby girl. Love you Leah Ruth!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

And It Keeps Getting Better...

In December Matt and I celebrated our eighth anniversary. We were going to go to the temple but it was Monday and the Provo Temple was closed for cleaning, so we planned a fun filled day with our cute kiddos, our most proud accomplishment of our eight years of marriage. We went sledding and had a fun dinner, simple but wonderful! We are so proud of the family we have created together. They bring us unmeasurable joy and happiness.

I am so grateful for my sweet husband and so glad that I chose him and he chose me. On the day of our marriage eight years ago, I couldn't imagine loving him anymore than I loved him then, but everyday spent together I love him more and more. He is my better half, he is my one and only, he is the best man I know. Matt makes me want to be better! I love you Matthew, the life ahead of us brings me so much excitement and anticipation...I can't wait to see what the rest of our lives and the eternities bring.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The Holidays

Wow! The holidays have already come and gone and as usual it's all kind of a blur. But that just means we had too much fun, right?!? 

Our whirlwind of a holiday season started the day after Thanksgiving with our first trip to cut down our own Christmas tree. It was a good idea in theory...but in actuality we probably needed older kids and a better location. But we made some fun memories though. We went with our new neighbors, the Bells, who have two cute little girls. Good thing they are some of the most easy going, cheerful people because it definitely was not what either of us expected. It was very muddy and snowy, the kids got cold and grumpy (thus our picture with only half our children:)), and nice trees were hard to come by. We finally settled on a tree as it was getting dark and I remember telling Matt, "It already kinda looks like it is dying". The picture doesn't do it justice, it was truly a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. We got it home and attempted to get it in the stand, but turns out it was already dying, dried pine needles and sap EVERYWHERE!!! Not fun for my OCD personality. We put it in timeout in the garage for the night, so I could think it over, and first thing the next morning, I went and bought us an artificial tree:) Maybe we'll try it again a few years down the road.

The kiddos loved decorating our tree with all their ornaments they have collected over the years. Ornaments are one of my favorite Christmas traditions.

Here's our clan sitting on Santa's lap at the annual Cruze family Christmas party. The older kids loved Santa, Jack tolerated him, and Leah freaked out:)

Uncle Tyler and Aunt Shannel were nice enough to host a gingerbread man decorating party. The kids had a blast with their cousins and here are their finished products.

Ya Ya made it into town in time for the kiddos school Christmas parties.

A Christmas Eve tradition...JAMMIES!

This will probably go down as one of my favorite Christmas Eves ever!!! It was quiet, and we were in our new home together. We read the story of Christ's birth in the scriptures and set up the Nativity, we sang songs, and we read Christmas stories. The kiddos loved it, and so did Matt & I!

Christmas morning waiting to see what Santa brought. Matt & I really tried hard to cut back on the amount of "stuff" the kiddos got for Christmas this year, but with presents for four kiddos it still looked like a haul, and they were beyond excited.

Sophie loved her keyboard and has been entertaining us ever since,

Jack has been wiggling all over the neighborhood on his wiggle car,

Leah loves cuddling her puppy that is bigger than her,

and Kaden is outside almost everyone in the cold thanks to his new hoop.

Christmas was definitely a success, and we had four happy kiddos. But as always the baby was the happiest playing with the paper and sucking on the packaging of her presents:)

Christmas Day at the Tingeys is always entertaining with nine grandchildren seven and under! And as always we had wonderful food and the kids were spoiled rotten:)

We have been beyond blessed this year in so many ways. We have a beautiful new home with plenty of space for our family, we have four amazing, healthy children, we have the best family and friends anyone could ask for, and we have the gospel of Jesus Christ that is the center of our lives. What more could we ask for?!?
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! 
With love, The Tingeys